Anushka Sharma’s animal shelter-“Pari” of Animals

year on her 30th birthday on 1st May our beloved “Pari” Anushka Sharma revealed her beloved plan “to open an animal
shelter”.  Anushka Sharma’s animal shelter will be established on the
outskirts of Mumbai in Dahagaon village in Shahapur.  Anushka said “ I’m building an animal
just outside Mumbai – a home for those animals that are stranded,
left to fend for themselves, have to brave harsh surroundings. A home where
they will be cared for, loved, protected and nurtured.”

love for Animals

Anushka Sharma is an animal lover and Anushka animal love not a secret. She has expressed her love
towards pets on many occasions and she is deeply involved in making the world a
better place for them. Anushka Sharma
on many social platforms admitted that she has changed a lot after her pet dog
Dude came to his life.  She quitted
eating meat and all non-vegetarian food as Dude didn’t like the smell of
non-veg food.

this Love Started

Anushka Sharma was already a pet lover but her love for the animal taken a whole new dimension when she met Dalai Lama. After meeting Dalai Lama his words inspired Anushka Sharma to do something for animals which resulted in the animal shelter and veterinary hospital. Anushka Sharma wrote on a social platform that Dalai Lama told her “Life is as important for pets as for human being. As human being feel sadness, happiness and want that every human being should live happily the same happen with animals also.”

Way to Anushka Sharma’s Animal Shelter

Anushka Sharma was planning to open an animal
and veterinary hospital
from last 3 years but her dream of animal
was not easy. She purchased land in Dahagaon village of Shahapur
area but it stuck in red tape and legalities. The land was defined as
agricultural land and as per Indian law, only any farmer can buy any type of
agricultural land. After 3 years of long battle, the land got no objection for the
animal shelter and veterinary hospital from Thane Collector’s office.

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According to sources, Anushka is going to fully devote her
time for this animal shelter and veterinary hospital. She has not signed
any movie recently and going to produce a movie for Netflix. As per sources,
she is also going to build a bungalow for her father there who will take care
of Anushka Sharma’s animal shelter
daily activities.